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Finding my Way

Finding my Way I got lost the other day. It was my own fault. I wasn’t paying attention to the directions. I went on for hours, not realizing at first the mess I’d got myself into. Only gradually I came aware that I’d turned the wrong way, and was on a high and rugged ridge,…

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Can You be Serious for a Moment, Dr. Jackson?

By Doug Jackson It’s been a funny year. It’s a funny thing about the word funny. It can convey approval or suspicion, can mean “humorous,” or “off.” It’s been a funny year. An academic year, I mean. Unlike other people, teachers tend to pause at the end of May (not December) to look back nine…

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School’s out, now what?

June is a bit like December: a time for endings, for celebration, for looking back, and for looking ahead. Those of us whose lives center around educational institutions – students, teachers, school administrators, parents of students – live out two years at once. It’s a rather strange overlapping timeline, which I never much thought about…

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Answering the Stars

It is my great pleasure to welcome Karise Gililland as a special All Nine guest blogger. Karise describes herself as a Texas mama, teacher, writer, and occasional cat wrangler/hamster hunter. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Apologetics at Houston Baptist University. Grateful thanks to Dr. Holly Ordway for introducing us. ***** Answering the Stars By…

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Communing with Jane Kenyon

Not Writing by Jane Kenyon A wasp rises to its papery nest under the eaves where it daubs at the gray shape, but seems unable to enter its own house. Communing with Jane Kenyon I’ve done a lot of not writing this month, I’m disappointed to say. April was reasonably productive – the NaPoWriMo muse…

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Why Sit We Musing?

By Doug Jackson William Willimon recalls an incident from his days as a seminary professor when, upon criticizing a student’s sermon, she burst into tears and floundered from the classroom and the remaining students stared at him like the unmasked murderer in a drawing room mystery novel. Why, he wondered, does this kind of thing…

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NaPoWriMo Day 25

Slow me down (A found poem, lifted from the pages of “Walking on Water” by Madeleine L’Engle) A covered bridge in the autumn The silent dying of the green pie-apple tree Slow down and listen to the telling of stories around tribal fires the drawing of animals on the walls of caves the death of green…

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NaPoWriMo Day 23

Haiku by Bethany Rohde Recuperating: Your hand finally finds mine –in the tissue box. ******* A writer from the great state of Washington, Bethany Rohde received her BA in English Studies from Western Washington University. You can read her poetry at and on her blog,