A Bell in the Word Barn (a poem by Kelly Belmonte)

This past Sunday evening, my friend Julie and I adventured to The Word Barn in Exeter, NH for a reading by the poets Ben Moeller-Gaa, William O'Daly, and JS Graustein. It was a privilege to meet the poets before the reading, shake their hands, and share how I've been experiencing a bit of a writing …

Closed (a poem by Kelly Belmonte)

Crosses behind closed doors, cross-legged and closed off, clothes ash-flecked and indifferent - they think she’s sad, but she’s just laced up and alone – waiting for no one, for time to open up, for doors to open up, time to unshoe, breathe out cloudy dreams ***** But if she smiled the world would light …

Words that Mean Yes

Dear Readers, As my gift of thanks to you for engaging with All Nine through this past year, I share this excerpt from what I hope will one day be a full-length book of poems and prayers:   In 2019, may your prayers be filled with Yes. Warmly, Kelly

A Prayer for the Disillusioned Idealist (a poem by Kelly Belmonte)

A PRAYER FOR THE DISILLUSIONED IDEALIST, the earthbound acrobat whose grip failed to close at the reach, and in failing fell below the beginning. May this new view give grounding as grace.  Let unexpected friendships replace pseudo-saviors – and false expectations yield to merciful humility – for Your Name’s sake Amen ***** Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash