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Approaching God After the Wreck

By Bethany Rohde I can’t see it, but I hear friction coming from the street. The wind is scraping a leaf across the asphalt like it’s striking a match. Earlier today, I heard another noise. It was the sound of my own voice singing along with an old hymn. Here, seven months after Dad’s fatal…

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Here I Begin Again

Since Kelly announced the theme for this month’s musings, I’ve been thinking about the words that signal new beginnings: “I present to you the graduating class of 2014.”  “I do.” “SOLD.”  “It’s a girl!” These are joyful, often long-anticipated, celebratory occasions. But sometimes, the places of starting over are marked by words that sound remarkably…

Image by Doug Jackson

School Supplies

By Doug Jackson Every Fall I get nostalgic about school supplies. I pass those candy-bright shelves in the local grocery store and can barely resist buying myself a new three-ring binder, a sheaf of college-ruled loose-leaf paper, a packet of pens, one of pencils, some erasers, and one of those nifty little plastic pouches to…

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Why September Feels New

September is strange. We put on it a newness it has not earned, due to a dominant academic ordering of the year. From a seasonal perspective, it’s pretty long in the tooth, well into the third quarter of a spent calendar. At best, it is “middle aged,” as one might euphemistically (and charitably) call someone…


Promises kept

Way back In December of 2012 I made a promise to myself to do “a podcast or two” sometime in the following year. Alas, I didn’t get to it last year, but finally, I tip my toe in the water of podcasting via Audioboo. Better late than never? You tell me: Find more of my boos here:

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Answering the Why of Writing

[The following post originally ran in June 2014 on] Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body. – Ecclesiastes 12:12 (NIV) From third grade through my freshman year in college, I played the violin. I got so I could play well enough to sit first chair in our…


FLP extends presales period for Spare Buttons

Good news! My publisher, Finishing Line Press, is extending the pre-order phase for Spare Buttons until August 18th, ten extra days. Sweeeeet!!! To spell out what this means beyond what I’ve written here and here… Pressrun is determined as follows: Prepublication sales between 55-104 copies sold = 250 pressrun. Prepublication sales between 105-154 copies sold =…