In Transit: Part III (A Collaboration)

The collaboration continues. Thank you again, Tom Darin Liskey, for your photographic inspiration.  VI. What I Gave Up for Lent I'm not even Catholic, but this year everyone is catholic (small c), letting go of ideas, things, gods (small g). I could not decide what to let go for Lent, so it was decided for …

In Transit: Part II (A Collaboration)

It's my pleasure to continue this collaboration with Tom Darin Liskey with my reflections on these two stunning images from his lens. I welcome you to share your responses to his art in the comments below.  IV. Wanderer Who knew a Monarch might be free to leave land, fly beyond borders, rule above rulers, past …

Poetry from a Distance

How do poets respond to a global crisis?  Some friends and I got together (virtually) this week to answer that very question. Turns out poets do in a crisis what they do most times: They write, of course... and read, and think deep thoughts, and listen to jazz greats, all from a safely introspective distance. …

A Prayer for the Disillusioned Idealist (a poem by Kelly Belmonte)

A PRAYER FOR THE DISILLUSIONED IDEALIST, the earthbound acrobat whose grip failed to close at the reach, and in failing fell below the beginning. May this new view give grounding as grace.  Let unexpected friendships replace pseudo-saviors – and false expectations yield to merciful humility – for Your Name’s sake Amen ***** Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Prayer For An Offended World (a love poem)

Prayer For An Offended World where no one is left who in truth can say, “How could you?” with authority, without a trace of irony. Return to us our shock and shame. Relieve us of our need to blame. Receive our sacrifice of self. Let us begin again. Amen. ***** Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash