In Transit: Part V (A Collaboration)

Continuing the collaboration with Tom Darin Liskey into Holy Week with a response to his cover image for this series.

X. In Transit

The whole world is on a bus
Together. It’s some bus.
Big enough for safety, close
enough for comfort. That guy
in the hat is here, and so is
Mr. Button-down with a bow tie,
and Grandma in sensible shoes.
We’re all in this thing together.
We hold our breath together,
then breathe in this same stale
public transit air, together.
We collectively sigh and send
postcards from the road
via socially distanced media.
And as the bus slows at a light
on the corner, and we roll by
Church, I think, “At times like this,
even Mother Mary looks away.”
But quicker than a breath,
a reply, “You see dimly through
a grimy bus window. Instead,
imagine she prays for you,
prays that you would all
be ready when you reach
your final destination.”
And then with a start
it’s just me, and I am
listening, finally listening
for the Driver.

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