In Transit: Part II (A Collaboration)

It’s my pleasure to continue this collaboration with Tom Darin Liskey with my reflections on these two stunning images from his lens. I welcome you to share your responses to his art in the comments below. 

IV. Wanderer


Who knew a Monarch
might be free to leave land, fly
beyond borders, rule
above rulers, past place,
into shared air?

V. Unrecognizable

A.1 (2)What am I seeing? Sure,
a weather-worn door, bricks,
cracks in a dirt-dashed floor, and
Something more, something
like flight, like a trinity
of doves made of light.
I don’t understand
what my eyes are trying
to tell me. But I recognize
that feeling of a familiar
not-knowing, the peripheral
glance in a shop window,
the fleshed Word whispered
behind closed eyes.
I don’t claim to understand.
I don’t have to.

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