How to Write a Poem: Part II

Remember your friend you met at that perfect unforgiving moment in college – or maybe it was your first years in a new job (or country, or church), when friendship was the only cure? Think – when was the last time you sat down for a long cup of coffee and conversation? When did you last make a memory together?

Make that happen soon – meet for lunch, drink something with a kick, talk about the kids, have some laughs at your own expense revisiting that time when you danced, howled, and stared wide-eyed into an incomprehensible future. Think gratefully of the times you would sit together with a sense of utter acceptance beneath the all-encompassing arch of embarrassment and self-discovery. Press each other’s buttons. Consider together how your needs (for friendship, for each other, for acceptance) have changed since then, how they’ve grown.

After the goodbyes and the drive home when you revisit the visit smiling foolishly at passing cars, crying a little for the missing, after you’ve been home awhile – maybe an hour or a couple days or a week – pull out your notebook or your laptop. Start writing and don’t stop until you’ve said all those things you need to say to yourself and maybe even to your friend.

Life is the stuff of poetry. And friendship is the stuff of life. Make those connections and maybe you will have a poem. For sure, you will have a friend.

What are you waiting for? Make the call.


Photo by Karina Carvalho on Unsplash

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