It’s National Haiku Writing Month, aka NaHaiWriMo, in which participants write a haiku a day. So yeah… of course, I’m in! So much fun, and so many fine poets participating. Join in or follow along!

Here are my first seven days, most of which were based on the prompts provided here.

Day 1
One more bite, one more
fish taco let-down – At least
we had mojitos.

Day 2
The sound of my son
cooing at the old cat –
morning coffee

Day 2 Bonus
The groundhog and
the men in black hats –
what must
the aliens
think of us?

Day 3
Leaning in
Leaning out; gossip over
Greek coffee

Day 4
Newsprint and a
cream cheese smear – What’s left
of the morning

Day 4 Bonus
Coyote cries
in the suburbs – we laugh

Day 5
A layer of dust
on the radio – the years
since television

Day 6
From the top
of the old oak – watching dad
cut the grass

Day 7
Remembering last
summer’s meteor shower –
the first snowflake


Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

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