Spring: A Poem by Holly Ordway

Spring can be an unpredictable season – in Houston, where I lived for four years, it could be over in a blink of an eye as the hot summer arrived in force. I teach online for HBU, but still travel to Houston regularly, and I am struck all over again by just how warm it is even in March! In Oxford, spring weather stretches well into June, when I visit after the Spring semester is over. So far, Wisconsin – where I now live – the spring seems to be a moody sort of season, teasing with warmth but holding the possibility of snow even in May (so I am told). And yet, Spring always does come!

Wisconsin spring: at least for now, the snow
Has made a slow retreat from waxing warmth,
To loose its grip and ease into the ground,
And bring forth flowers, mud, and coatless walks.
Oxford spring: the winter running deep,
No snow, but chill reluctant to concede
An inch of weather-ground, as if to keep
A hidden summer under siege. But wait!
The Sun – bold knight-at-arms – has joined the fray;
And brought a longer day, a shorter night:
The winter branches now no longer seem
So cold – and then the leaves, impossible
And delicate, leap out to meet the light,
A joyous rush of green, green, green.


Holly is a poet, teacher, and apologist exploring the intersection of literature and faith, reason and imagination. She is the author of the memoir Not God’s Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms.  

Image: By Holly Ordway


One thought on “Spring: A Poem by Holly Ordway

  1. Jean Mattson says:

    Holly, I really enjoyed reading this poem about spring! It beautifully and fancifully describes this frivolous time of year in many of the places we have lived! I know I will read it often and share it over and over again.
    Thank you!
    Jean Mattson

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