My Sweet Constancy

In the spirit of ending well, I share a poem from almost thirty years ago that I wrote in awe of Urania, the muse of astronomy. It seems fitting to close out the year as well as start the next with a thought to the muse most often associated with Universal Love and the Holy Spirit. Because the more things change, the more certain things – like our fundamental needs for love and a fixed star to guide us – remain the same.


My sweet constancy,
I spy you from the safety of my room,
beyond the sill, beyond the shade,
and far, far beyond my trembling touch.

Silver-stitched sky,
When dawn is far, dew is deep in sleep,
and these woolen rags fail to warm,
you blanket my shaking frame in surety.

Summer’s midnight dreaming and Winter’s bitter eve
find me eyeing your design:
So shall you shine beyond my small century.

Night falls in upon itself,
scattering your illumined parts
to timelessness.

And I am not afraid.

My sweet constancy,
You leave me in the safety of my room,
breathing deep, hearing anew
the breath of Him who formed you
from forever.


Image by Alan Chen via


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