Capture Those Elusive Moments (Guest Post by Christin Ditchfield)


I have invited a new friend of mine, Christin Ditchfield, to share with us today about how she captures her muse…

Capture Those Elusive Moments

By Christin Ditchfield

When a flash of insight or inspiration strikes, how do you hold on to it?

When the Muse – or the Spirit of God – speaks, how do you capture the moment and record the message — so that you can savor it…treasure it… receive it and respond to it, deeply and thoughtfully?

Over the years, I’ve tried many different methods. I underline, I journal, I talk it over for hours with trusted friends I’ve bribed with bagels and coffee.

But because I’m such a visual person, lately my two favorite inspiration-gathering techniques right now both involve imagery.

One is completely free and requires just the tiniest bit of tech savvy – I’ve been learning to make the most of Pinterest.

If you haven’t tried it, it’s like the online equivalent of the bulletin board in your kitchen or mudroom –only you get to have as many bulletin boards as you want, organized by topic or theme or color or… (and you can see what 100 million other active users are pinning to their online bulletin boards).

On your boards, you save images you find online – from websites you visit or from Pinterest itself, where others have shared their finds. Or you can upload photos from your computer.

Some images are just that – images. Some have text. And some, with the click of a mouse, lead to blogs and websites that contain a wealth of information and inspiration.

Click to see where I save images that inspire me to keep working on my fantasy novel (in between other projects), words and images that inspire my spiritual life, make me laugh, or bring me peace. Here’s where I save awesome quotes and links to helpful articles on the creative life.


The other method I use is a little more old-school — and expensive. (It costs a dollar, plus paper and ink for printing.)

Whenever I keep finding myself drawn to the same kind of imagery, the same themes, the same verses – or they’re particularly profound and meaningful to me – I copy and paste or type them into a Word document, then print them on postcard paper on my computer.

I add scraps of sonnets, hymns, quotes, a couple of photos of family and friends…

Then I stick them in a pocket-sized dollar store photo album that I can take with me wherever I go.


Any time I have down time – waiting in a doctor’s office or on an airplane or wherever — I can pull out my little book and muse for a while… meditate and reflect.

I find myself immediately encouraged and inspired, refreshed and refocused as I’m reminded of things that have touched me deeply or stirred my heart and mind in such a meaningful way.

And often, that’s when new insights occur – new connections, new observations are made.

What about you?

How do you capture the thoughts and ideas that inspire you? The words or images that speak to you? What do you do to spark greater imagination and creativity? I’d love to hear…


Christin Christin Ditchfield, author of more than 70 books, is a popular conference speaker and syndicated radio host passionate about calling women to a deeper life. She blogs at

6 thoughts on “Capture Those Elusive Moments (Guest Post by Christin Ditchfield)

  1. Becka Choat says:

    I use Pinterest, too, but really prefer to have a tactile connection. I copy down quotes, poems, prayers, etc. in a commonplace book, and sometimes add in little mementos as well – a butterfly wing I found on the sidewalk, pressed leaves, maybe an old snapshot. Additionally, right now I’m collecting Scripture verses and various snippets that might be helpful for a book I might be writing in a couple of multi-subject spiral notebooks.

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