Euterpe shows up

It’s May and we celebrate music with a special guest on loan from Mount Parnassus, the “Giver of delight” herself, the bearer of the flute, the one and only Muse of Music, Euterpe!

This one is special to me. The only truly inspired thing I’ve done longer than poetry is music. My older brother started playing viola in third grade, so two years later when I entered third grade, I picked up violin and continued playing until my freshman year in college. I didn’t continue playing, because I didn’t love it. But I did continue performing musically. Throughout my teen years, into college, and well into my adulthood, I sang in numerous choral groups.

Though I don’t perform as much of late, music weaves its way through my days like no other artistic expression. I don’t have to seek out Euterpe or call to her. She just shows up.

Like on Tuesday mornings. I work at a private Christian school where worship and faith is threaded seamlessly into rigorous academics. Tuesday mornings mean song time for the little guys, and their sweet slightly off-key voices raised in praise find their way into my second floor office from where they are gathered below. Their “little lights” illuminate for me the meaning of our mission in real-time.

Image by Eduardo Guillen via
Image by Eduardo Guillen via

Or on the way home from school when my own son wants to sing a pirate round with me over and over (and over!) again. We get goofy and alternate between deep gruff pirate-type voices and tiny cute kitty voices. Giver of Delight, indeed!

I could go on, but I’d rather hear about the sound tracks of your lives. Throughout this month, I encourage you to share in comments your stories of how Euterpe has serenaded your scenarios and sprinkled joy into your days.


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