Poetry will make you fit, famous, and filthy rich

Image by A Sayed via freeimages.com
Image by A Sayed via freeimages.com

Oh my goodness, I crack myself up! I can’t believe I just wrote that click-bait title. What a kidder I am!

We all know that’s not true about poetry, right? I mean, the bit about poetry making you fit, famous, and wealthy… it’s not true, sorry to say, unless you are say Billy Collins, or maybe Marge Piercy. And honestly, I don’t know how fit or wealthy they are, and they may not be so famous outside of certain circles of quirky people who like poetry.

So for the sake of all that his good and true, and for Erato, our neglected muse of the month, would you please go hug a poet? Show some love to those who write the lines you love and who do it for love, knowing they will get nothing else out of it of earthly value.

Because I feel so strongly about this, and because next month is National Poetry Month and I want to help you get ready for it, I am going to offer you a way to hug your favorite poet. Virtually, that is.

Here’s what I would like you to do:

  1. Write the name of a favorite living poet in the comments below with a link to their website or to a poem of theirs or to a collection of their poetry. (Help make them famous!)
  2. Share this post with your friends.

On Tuesday, March 22, I will randomly select one person from those who have hugged a poet (i.e. left a comment) to receive an e-book version of my chapbook Spare Buttons.

Maybe just maybe through this exercise, we all will be able to say that poetry made us fit for love, famously generous, and rich in friends.

What are you waiting for? Go hug that poet!


17 thoughts on “Poetry will make you fit, famous, and filthy rich

  1. Karen Baetzel says:

    I realize you are my link to a rich world that I know very little about. While I do have some predictably favorite poets, they are all dead, except you (and some unknown Cowboy poets – do they count?). What a privilege to know you and call you my bubba.

  2. Bill Waters says:

    I especially like Ted Kooser’s short poetry in his books Winter Morning Walks and The Blizzard Voices. I saw him read once at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, and I’m giving him a virtual hug now (in a dignified, manly sort of way). ;- )



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