Calliope Riffing on a Theme

Image by Yaroslav Ushakov via
Image by Yaroslav Ushakov via

Epic fail. That’s where I was headed, a week ago today. I was at a loss for where to go with All Nine. I was in a panic as the realization dawned on me that next year was hurtling toward me on the calendar and I had yet to decide on a theme. I had no plan for 2016 whatsoever. I was dry, empty of ideas.

As in so many epic sagas, I went around and around the barn door only to be led back to the beginning. I revisited the “aboutness” of All Nine. Here it is in a nutshell:

The “nine” of All Nine is a reference to the nine sister muses of Greek mythology. These inspirational sisters represent multiple domains of creativity and intelligence, from epic poetry to science. For any vision to move from the inside of one person’s eyelids to the physical world where it can make a positive impact, it takes a collaborative effort across multiple disciplines and an openness to many sources of inspiration.

The nine sister muses. Of course. It was right in front of my face, but I couldn’t see it. We will do what we have been doing all along: spend time with the sisters. In 2016, we will get more festive about it, throwing a virtual party in honor of a muse each month, starting with Calliope.

Depending on who’s telling it, Calliope is the Chief Muse, Senior Muse, Superior Muse, muse of justice and serenity, protector of heroic poems and the art of rhetoric, and/or the muse of epic poetry. However you slice it, she was pretty busy, especially back in the day of Homer and Gilgamesh and such like. But these days of sound bites and tweets, are we too distracted and busy for a poem that goes on the length of a novel? For lack of audience, has Calliope hung up her lyre and set aside her writing tablet for good?

I am guessing not. One need only look at the number of stories and movies these days that deal in the epic – heroic themes, historical events (even reimagined ones), maybe a journey as a focal point of the action. They are not poetry, for the most part, but they have so many of these other elements.

Think about it. The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Avengers… all have these epic components to one degree or another.

So, all of that to say, Calliope is not sleeping. She’s just getting started, riffing on a theme.


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