Two Tanka for our Times

Image by Paul Fris via
Image by Paul Fris via

This season (every year, but it seems particularly this year) invites meditation on paradox and interesting juxtapositions. The whole idea of the Great and Holy God of the Universe showing up as a human baby in a grungy old stable next to the sheep and cows… yeah, pretty paradoxical. Or for example, I noticed last Friday on Twitter the various trending topics, including “act of terrorism,” CNBC, and #NationalCookieDay. “Jesus Our Lord” was also trending, below those items.

Strange days, indeed. By the way, it’s now Sunday afternoon, and Jesus is no longer trending (not on Twitter, anyway).

Two Tanka for Our Times

Jesus Our Lord
was trending today
just below
National Cookie Day
and acts of terrorism.


Sharpie at the ready,
he drew
an empty tree
and “Shalom Aleichem”
on the blank red coffee cup.


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