An abundance to see


Kelly Belmonte is an author of two books of poetry, “Spare Buttons” and “Three Ways Of Searching”. We are delighted to showcase a selection of her poems, seasonally apt, and welcome her to ALTARWORK as our October 2015 Writer Of The Month. Have a look between the lines. There is an abundance to see. Jason Ramsey, ALTARWORK Founder/Editor-In-Chief

This sweet quote was the abundance I rose to this past Sunday morning, as I discovered that Jason Ramsey, Editor-in-Chief of ALTARWORK, welcomed me into this inspired community of artists. What’s more, he did this by naming me “Writer of the Month” for October. I’ve never been a “Writer of the Month” before. What a great welcome!

Totally jazzed by this.

So, help me out, friends. I’d like to return the goodness right back at ALTARWORK. Go visit. Check out some of the uber cool musicians, writers, visual artists and performing artists featured over there. Follow them on Twitter. Share their work on Facebook. Tell your mom. However you do it, just spread the abundance for everyone to see.



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