Communing with Jane Kenyon

Image by Becka Choat
Image by Becka Choat

Not Writing

by Jane Kenyon

A wasp rises to its papery
nest under the eaves
where it daubs
at the gray shape,
but seems unable
to enter its own house.

Communing with Jane Kenyon

I’ve done a lot of not writing this month, I’m disappointed to say. April was reasonably productive – the NaPoWriMo muse was kind, if not profusely generous – but May has been dry, despite my surrounding myself with all the right materials. I’ve been reading and studying and sitting quietly and reflecting and imagining and planning and working and getting out and staying in, but the words I’ve been pushing around on paper just haven’t fallen into rhythm.

It can be hard to remember when it’s happening that it happens to all of us sometimes. So I was comforted yesterday to come across Jane Kenyon’s oh-so-apt description of this frustration, this futility of best efforts. Knowing that she knew this, I find it easier to accept her counsel in another poem to “Let it come (or not?), as it will, and don’t be afraid. God does not leave us comfortless, so let evening come.”


Becka Choat is a lifelong lover of words who spends many hours each week in a room of her own, writing or reading and drinking coffee. Her book reviews can be found at, and her poetry and other musings at You may also follow @beckachoat and/or @booksbybecka on Twitter.




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