NaPoWriMo Day 17


A Bad Sonnet on Terrible First Drafts

By Holly Ordway

These words – they won’t amount to anything.
Blather, rambling, a bloviating waste
Of everybody’s time. What made me think
This was a good idea? It surely wasn’t.
It really was a bad idea. The worst.
Remember how you always hate your draft –
Every single time. You know full well
The only way is through. There’s no way round.

There never was a day when this was easy.
You don’t think you can do it. You might be right.
This will never be quite what I hope.
But still. I wade through muddy words, wrestle
With the tangled grass, the knotty roots,
Tired, sunburnt… this could be a garden.


Holly is a poet, teacher, and apologist exploring the intersection of literature and faith, reason and imagination. She is the author of the memoir Not God’s Type: An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms.  


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