The Grace-Space of a Blank Page: An Update on My 500 Words

By Josee Holland via
By Josee Holland via

Remember My 500 Words challenge? I thought I’d give you all an update on how that’s going.

Mostly good. I’ve only missed two days out of seventeen, and each day I’ve exceeded (by a smidge) the 500 target. Which means I’ve written well over 7500 words since January 1st. Given my complete lack of daily discipline for months prior to that point, well, I’d say that looks like progress.

The quality of the writing is nothing to “write home about,” as they say. But that’s not the point. Not really. It’s about developing a habit. And for me, it’s also about creating fodder for future writing projects.

Good thing it’s not about award-winning material. Check out an excerpt from today’s attempt:

Here’s how I start a slow Saturday:

  • Left eye slightly open
  • Ignore cat sitting on my bladder 
  • Push cat off bed
  • Give in, get up and pee, drink water
  • Get back in bed
  • Ignore cat sitting on my chest
  • Push cat off bed
  • Throw blankets off in exasperation
  • Get up
  • Stumble down stairs, avoid tripping over cat
  • Reheat day-old coffee
  • Feed animals
  • Get laptop – turn it on – open Word doc
  • Get coffee
  • Take a few gulps
  • Sit down in comfy chair next to fire in living room
  • Check Facebook, email, twitter
  • Come back to open Word doc and stare down the long rectangle of white
  • Start writing

 And here we are again. One word at a time. One sentence, partial sentence, run-on sentence, sentence fragment at a time.

There’s more, but you get the point, right? It’s practice. The bar is low: just show up. It has the freeing and grace-filled quality of an altar call, “Just as I am, without one plea…”

I keep showing up in that grace-space of the blank page, because, one word at a time, I have this crazy hope of discovery waiting at the end of the sentence.


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