Over the Crowd

Image by Bethany Rohde
Image by Bethany Rohde

A Poem by Bethany Rohde

The slow work of defrost now fans across
my breath-covered windshield.
I force my hands deeper down
into their pockets. Fingertips jam
against the receipt-scraps of my evening.

I catch some movement through the glass: a girl,
half the height of a Christmas tree.
She’s crawling up into a window display
that’s advertising: Buy
one get one free.

Her face is fixed on a tidy pyramid of ornaments.
They almost match her earmuffs
of candy apple red.
She’s hanging the globes, shoulder to shoulder, on one
brow-level branch.

With her back to the ever-scrolling crowd
(which does not see her either)
she dots the flocked tree with color.
I leave my car in park.
She’s making room for the last of the baubles,

while occasionally sweeping their price tags
just out of her eyes.


A writer from the great state of Washington, Bethany Rohde received her BA in English Studies from Western Washington University. You can read her poetry at VerseWrights.com and on her blog, worddoor.wordpress.com.


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