Taking Back Advent

Image by Stephanie Berghaeuser via Freeimages.com
Image by Stephanie Berghaeuser via Freeimages.com

It’s raining outside this morning, and a rare moment of quiet envelops the house. I can almost imagine not shopping, not having to battle crowds to get those last few gifts I can’t buy online, not cleaning or decorating. It makes me half smile.

I have very mixed feelings about the hoopla of this season. It truly stresses me out, and even more so as I get older. I love the pretty lights. I hate the clutter of more stuff in my already messy house. I love the spirit of giving. I hate the materialism. I love the celebration of Jesus’ birth. I hate that his birth takes second fiddle to all the getting ready.

In this moment of quiet, a choice is presented: Give in or take back.

Greedy as it may sound on the surface, I choose the latter. I choose to take rather than give.

I’m going to take back this season, lasso it into a place of love and celebration and true gifting. Yes, shopping is still there, and decorating. But they are not in command.

It’s my choice. I choose love.

And some shiny fairy lights.


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