A Collection of November Thanks

Image by Bethany Rohde
Image by Bethany Rohde

By Bethany Rohde

Long before I got to write here, I got to be a reader of All Nine. I just want to express my gratitude for this lovely place. It’s been a delight for me to read through the thoughtful pieces others have written on daily life, on brokenness and on hopeful beauty.

Thank you to Kelly Belmonte and the other gracious writers for welcoming mes to share a little too. Here’s a handful of tiny poems expressing my thankfulness for grace, poetry, and family.


Sunday begins–
eyelids gradually rise, letting in
just enough light
to turn sighs
into prayers.


Shredding zucchini
skin and all, to fortify
the muffin mix.
–Tearing apart yesterday
to find the poem in it all.


She rests
on my forearm, coloring
as I type.
Sketching me with magic
markers — I’m hopscotching now.


Crystal rings
as she lifts the lid
to offer gumdrops.
–Grandma always celebrating
my arrival.


A writer from the great state of Washington, Bethany Rohde received her BA in English Studies from Western Washington University. You can read her poetry at VerseWrights.com and on her blog, worddoor.wordpress.com.


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