The Leaf or ‘Ode to Autumn’

Image by Kevin Belmonte

The Leaf or ‘Ode to Autumn’

By Crystal Hurd

Divorced from the branch, I thought
Death was imminent.  What sadness when
My emerald arms began to curl and fade
To rusty shades and neighbors were abandoning
Our tower, drifting peacefully to the ground
And I thought
This is what death feels like
And when the moment arrived
Suspended after separation
I felt the wind lift me and carry me
Left and right and left again
As if gently rocking a child to sleep
I wait for dissolution and then
A quiet stream rushed beneath me
Catching me
Educating me
Its current moving me ever forward
On a new journey.
Oh Death, where is thy sting?
Upon its safety, I am carried
To view the majesties of other worlds
Worlds I could not behold
While tethered to a tree branch.
Ah sweet, rapturous independence!
I now behold new and mysterious ecstasies.


Dr. Crystal Hurd is a writer, reader, public school educator, and adjunct professor.  She is happily married with three beautiful Terriers (adopted from local shelters).  She is a certified book nerd who loves to read and research works involving faith, literature, art, and leadership.  You can visit her webpage , friend her on Facebook, (Crystal Sullivan Hurd) and follow her on Twitter:  @DoctorHurd and @hurdofficial.


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