Leaves Falling: A few haiku for National Poetry Day

pear tree in autumnHow serendipitous that today is National Poetry Day and the start of our Autumn theme here at All Nine. I wish I could say I planned it this way, but that wouldn’t be nearly so fun as the truth. Which is this:

Last week, I posted a couple haiku to some of my poetry pals in a private Facebook group, challenging them to write their own (because, well, it’s just what we do for fun). After some gentle nudging and outright pleading, a few hearty souls took the bait, and responded in kind. Over the weekend, I asked their permission to include them in a group post to launch the Autumn theme. And they, again, were game.

And here it is National Poetry Day, and here we are playing poetry again. What are the odds? (Pretty high, actually)

Well, here’s hoping you enjoy the serendipity.


whistling in the dark:
peepers pretending
summer lasts


a dimple
where leaf
touches pond


“Anyone out there?”
Deafening silence and then
crickets gossiping.

– Kelly Belmonte

Houston autumn
it was hot
it is still hot.


Autumn, is it here?
Wool sweater waits
to be worn.

– Holly Ordway

Autumn comes slowly –
the heat must wear itself out
before the cool can enter

– Rebekah Choat

Air so clear it feels
like a second skin
made just for me.

– Mary Mueller


Fall rain greens late like
White shoes after Labor Day.
Bold fashion faux pas.


First cold front stills storms.
Hurricanes snuggle down deep.
Sleep, storms, until Spring.


Rare rainfall restores.
Love-sick amphibians sing
In puddle juke-joints.

– Doug Jackson


Penciling poems
on a thick yellow notepad
pumpkin spice latte

– Diana Glyer


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