Ten More Reasons to Get Moody

moodyAs promised last month in Ten Reasons to Get Moody, my first post about my husband Kevin Belmonte’s new book D.L. Moody – A Life, I offer you here now “another ten endorsements from another ten amazing people.”

1. Tim Challies, book reviewer for World magazine, creator of the blog site Challies.com

D.L. Moody: A Life is the first substantial biography of Moody I’ve read, and I enjoyed it tremendously…a vivid, compelling look at a life lived for the glory of God. It is a powerful introduction to a man who was greatly used and whose legacy survives to this day.

2. Della Jane Brooks-Healey, author and great-granddaughter of President John Adams

Moody’s character and life were God’s template for present-day evangelism, Christian education, and the philanthropic means to subsidize every vision God gave him. Trusting God’s faithfulness, these visions and plans were surmountable and completed. Throughout the world today, D.L. Moody’s legacy is resplendent!

3. Charles Olcott, former President and CEO of Burger King Corporation

A long overdue reminder of one of the nineteenth century’s great luminaries. Kevin Belmonte has written an extraordinary account of D.L. Moody’s life journey. What an important work . . . 

4. Catherine Blake, President & Founder, Sales Protocol International; Board Member and Communications Chair, Harvard University’s Extension School Alumni Board

In the 21st century, Kevin Belmonte reminds us that D.L. Moody was revolutionary in his own time—an innovator, evangelist, and world-changer . . .

5. Pastor Mark Rivera , Bethany Church, Raymond, New Hampshire

The story of D.L. Moody is a story that must be told, and I am overjoyed that acclaimed author Kevin Belmonte has done so. The 19th century experienced the influence of Moody’s life and work. Now, thankfully, the 21st century can reap the benefits . . .

6. F. LaGard Smith, Visiting Professor of Law, Faulkner University

No living person knows D.L. Moody more intimately than Kevin Belmonte, a biographer without peer when it comes to the uneducated farm boy from Northfield, Massachusetts, who became the most recognized global evangelist of his day, and a champion of Christian education whose legacy even now is being revived . . . 

7. Trevin Wax, Managing Editor of The Gospel Project, author of Clear Winter Nights, and Counterfeit Gospels

Growing up, I often heard about D.L. Moody—stories about his character, or quotes from his preaching. Kevin Belmonte’s masterful biography takes us beyond the popular sound bites, by telling the story of a uniquely gifted man who engaged in evangelism, social ministry, and education. This is a fascinating book. I didn’t know how successful Moody was in so many areas.

8. The Rev. Judson Stone, Chaplain, First Rate, Inc.

I can’t imagine any follower of Jesus not finding something to admire about D.L. Moody by reading this book . . . I’m grateful for the privilege of reading it.

9. Dr. Crystal Hurd, author, teacher, and C.S. Lewis scholar

D.L. Moody proves a perennially fascinating subject. Kevin Belmonte presents us with a stirring portrait, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading D.L. Moody: A Life. I urge you to add this remarkable book to your collection.

10. Dr. Wayne Detzler, Emeritus Distinguished Professor, Southern Evangelical Seminary; Visiting professor, Sacred Heart College

This book has given me an entirely new picture of D.L. Moody. The depth of research is matched by the careful skill of Kevin Belmonte’s writing. This book is an exceptional contribution to Moody studies, and a model worth emulating for other writers. We now have a biography for the twenty-first century.


With twenty such luminaries between these two posts singing the praises of Moody, I have nothing left to say, but thank you.




One thought on “Ten More Reasons to Get Moody

  1. Sandra says:

    I am trying to contact my friend Della Jane Brooks Healey.
    If anyone knows her please tell her Sandra, from Chattanooga is trying to find her.
    My e-mail address will be left on this site.
    Thank you for any assistance regarding this message.

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