Tanka: Six Slices of Summer

By Andrew Lazo

Image courtesy of Just2shutter/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Just2shutter/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Here, friends, you’ll find six sketches of my summer so far. I’ve scratched out some small slices of long days, even as I try to re-create myself from a long, good, giving school year.

I have a wonderful summer planned, with plenty of ease. And these days afford me the rare chance to slow down, to open up, to read and write, to listen, even as I try to understand this poem, this poema, the ποίημα of this life God gives me as a gift in these sweltering days.

Thank you for listening, and for maybe even trying these little poems on like a new pair of flip-flops. Maybe they might fit, and maybe take you somewhere.


Houston heat rises:
I retreat to my cold room,
plot escape to cooler climes:
London, Andalucía
Amsterdam, Oxford, Cambridge!


Singing Bowl (for Diana and Malcolm)

Dark bronze Buddhist bowl
Sings in slow circles,
Presses poems into my heart;
As its ringing rises up,
This cool cup sounds out one thought.


Cooking together

Full freezer and fridge
Countless conversations; come,
Taste and see what else we need:
Laughter lingers as we feast
Filling plates and sating souls.


Facing it

Call me back; cry again,
Time enough to shed new tears,
pry open old pains.
Tell me about despair, yours:
Friends are born for such troubles.


Summer Reading

Worming my way through
Endless stacks of bedside books:
Autumn in this room
as I stop to let leaves fall
open to my eager eyes.


Reading, sleeping

Desultory book,
sentences start to swim, so:
Dog-ear the page,
Hear this summer buzzing;
God gives naps to those He loves.


Andrew Lazo is a teacher, writer, and sought-after speaker on C.S. Lewis and the Inklings. Read more from him at his website: http://andrewlazo.com


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