A Few Shiny Spare Buttons

Spare Buttons is now available for preorder from Finishing Line Press

Since it’s tanka month here at All Nine, I thought I would share a few five-line pieces from my new poetry chapbook, Spare Buttons. As I was perusing the manuscript for just the right pieces to share, I caught a thread I had not seen when I first put the collection together. Or rather, perhaps I should say that I saw a glint in a shard of glass. Apparently I like the shiny stuff, since I have written it into several poems in this book alone.

So, here are some of those shiny “spare buttons” for your reading pleasure:


Last Night’s Party

Coffee percolates
while sun dances
on last night’s party
glasses drying
in the sink.


Those days

Shards of glass glitter
on those broken days, those days
you must fight for joy
and listen to the peepers
singing long for all their lives.



If my heart was glass
I’d fill it with water
so you could tap it
with a spoon
and make music.


Spare Buttons is now available for preorder from Finishing Line Press—with a scheduled ship date of September 20, 2014.  It includes 26 poems of varying length, though mostly of the shorter kind as those above. Press run is determined by advance sales (any sales between now and August 8), so I am especially grateful for your support at this time!


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