Ten Reasons to Get Moody


I might blog a lot about writing and dabble at some versifying, but I’m actually not the “writer” in our home. My husband, Kevin Belmonte, has a pile of published books to his credit (over a dozen at last count) along with countless articles in various journals and periodicals. His most recent contribution to bookshelves everywhere is the biography D.L. Moody – A Life, from Moody Publishers.

I could give you a bunch of reasons why this is a great read, but it would come off as a bit self-serving, and I may as well just say, “Please buy this book and put our son through college.” Instead of that painful-for-all exercise, I have chosen ten of the endorsements Kevin received for this book from a range of leaders and influencers across the globe. I will leave it to them to answer the “why buy” question for us all:


1. Dr. D. Michael Lindsay, President of Gordon College, author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book, Faith in the Halls of Power

Kevin Belmonte’s D.L. Moody revitalizes the story of the nineteenth century’s greatest evangelist. This book is an absolute tour-de-force, and will serve as important reading for general audiences and scholars alike. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning what it looks like to commit oneself to the call of Christ with great humility and passion.

2. The Rev. Dr. Malcolm Guite, Chaplain of Girton College, Cambridge University, England

After his exhilarating work on Wilberforce, Kevin Belmonte has produced another gripping biography of a great individual who helped to turn the tide of his time rather than just drift with it. Belmonte’s sweeping narrative, which takes Moody from the poverty and meagre education of his childhood to his role as a famous and passionate speaker, educator, and philanthropist, never loses track of a central theme: that our circumstances—or the climates of opinion in which we are born—do not have to determine our views, or restrict our hope. He shows how Moody, like his great contemporary Abraham Lincoln, stood firm on the rock of his moral and spiritual convictions and was enabled, by a paradoxical combination of grace and perseverance, to change the world for the better. All the detail in this rich biography is marshalled to the aid of an inspiring and uplifting narrative, which poses a real challenge to the weak fatalism of our own times.

3. Philip Anschutz, Founder and CEO of The Anschutz Corporation

Kevin Belmonte has written a book very much in the spirit of his previous work on William Wilberforce. It is a book to be read by all of us, as the model of D.L. Moody should be utilized in all of our lives . . . 

4. Steve Bell, Juno Award winning singer/songwriter, and creator of the album, “Keening for the Dawn”

I’m not sure what I’m loving more, the surprising story of D.L. Moody, or Kevin Belmonte’s terrific telling of it—makes me want to be a better person, and a better writer.

5. Phil Cooke, author, filmmaker, media consultant, and author of Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media

I thought I knew William Wilberforce and G.K. Chesterton, until I read Kevin Belmonte’s brilliant books, and saw them from a completely new perspective. Now, Kevin has done it again with D.L. Moody. I can’t think of a bigger subject, and a better biographer. D.L. Moody: A Life will not only reveal the remarkable story of a man who changed his world, but inspire you to change yours.

6. Colin Duriez, author of J.R.R. Tolkien: The Making of a Legend, and C.S. Lewis: A Biography of Friendship

A compelling portrait of one of the very important but unlikely influences on America and on British culture in the 19th century. Kevin Belmonte skillfully and expertly tells the story of evangelist D.L. Moody’s eventful and constantly interesting life for an international readership.

7. Cherie Harder, President of The Trinity Forum, Washington, D.C.

A fascinating and inspiring account of the life of an extraordinary man, skillfully told. D.L. Moody: A Life, by Kevin Belmonte, will introduce a new generation to an often-overlooked hero whose love for Christ and the poor changed the world.

8. Canon David Isherwood, Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Clapham (William Wilberforce’s church), and Vicar of St Peter Prescott Place

This is as robust and engaging a biography of a man who changed his world as you are likely to read. And the worth of this book is not only embedded in text, it’s embedded in the endnotes–which will rightly send you and me racing elsewhere to dig deeper and find out more about the great D.L Moody.

9.Lancia E. Smith, author and photographer

After his marvelous work on Wilberforce and Chesterton, Kevin Belmonte has given us a portrait of D.L. Moody that is so rich, so eloquently presented, and so detailed that Moody becomes nearly a living figure as you read through these pages. This is literary portraiture at its finest. I feel I have spent time with Moody himself.

10. Tommy McClam, Youth Pastor, and Director of Mentoring, YouthBuild USA

Kevin Belmonte has taken the life of D.L. Moody–a man who impacted the very fabric of ministry–from cradle to grave, displaying how God miraculously transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. He plainly captures how the mundane course of life, when placed under the hand of God, can result in a life of un-measurable impact. This text leaps off the pages, and inspires the reader to maximize their walk with God.   


Not convinced yet? No worries. I’ll post another ten endorsements from another ten amazing people next month.

Convinced? Good: Get Moody … (and put our son through college).


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