Smoke gets in my eyes: Haiku as distracted observation

I write haiku the way some people smoke – dragging at the burnt ends of the day, filling up the cracks of in-between time, flicking ashes of observation off with no small bit of distraction. As a result, I have quite a collection of ashes/words at the end of every week. I offer you here nine such cast offs of varying quality, tone, and topic from the past couple months

(Side note: It’s a good thing for everyone that I write instead of smoke, though. I’d be such an uncool smoker.)


forsythiaStaying on this side
of the double yellow lines –

Graduations and proms;
Facebook blossoms
like a cherry tree

Science class flashback
– amoebas and osmosis –
sometimes we’re like that.

April shower;
tick hitches a ride
on my pant leg

Raking in April;

crocusOh stubborn

The thunder of
our garage door opening
and you, leaving

First glimpse of iris
pushing up and through; robins
busy at the worms

Around and around
til the circle is complete;
this cat on my lap.


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