The Illusion of Measurability

Image by kliverap via stock.xchng
Image by kliverap via stock.xchng

Early last year I wrote about measuring outcomes. I pondered what I needed to measure to determine “success” in the context of writing, and I concluded that the only thing I could truly measure was how many commitments I kept.

In retrospect, that conclusion was a bit unsatisfying.

I find myself now circling back to the question of numbers – hits, views, “likes”, shares, visits – all of those technology-given metrics that place us on the map of social visibility and viability. All of my friends who create content of any sort for the web (which is pretty much everyone I know, whether they realize it or not) are aware of these tangible intangibles, these mini “scores” that measure degree of “success” in this content-driven world.

And many of these friends are coming to the same realization I am: these measures are an illusion.

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