My Twelve 12 Most Posts

proud_12most_125x125Two years ago I started contributing regularly to, a website that offers (in their own words) “savvy smartitude for busy professionals in easy-to-digest list posts that mean business.” I love that tagline, and I love the concision and clarity required of list-writing. I’m honored to be part of the 12Most community of writers, a tribe of tremendously talented individuals from a wide range of professions.

This week offers a kind of milestone for me in the 12 Most world. After numerous offerings on poetry, writing, and other topics of interest to me, this week 12 Most published my 12th list: 12 Most Refreshing Writing Tips for Spring. In honor of this moment, I give you my 12 12-Most Posts:

12 Most…

  1. Refreshing Writing Tips for Spring
  2. Fortuitous Findings from a Month of Daily Blogging
  3. Most Earnest People to Thank
  4. Winning Ways to Woo the Muse
  5. World Beating Leadership Lessons from Poets
  6. Get-Serious Questions for Writers
  7. Self Serving Benefits of Youth Mentoring
  8. Radical Reasons to Write Poetry
  9. Gold-Mining Questions to Ask in a Pinch
  10. Stress-Proof Ways for an Introvert to Survive a Party
  11. Fundamentally American Literary Works
  12. Practical Excuses for Reading Poetry Daily

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