On Creating

Image by Crystal Hurd
Image by Crystal Hurd

On Creating

by Crystal Hurd

To my offspring –
The result of arduous days,
Wrestling with words, fingers on keys, revising, unsatisfied
With the haunting stagnancy of the cursor’s staccato.

Letters skipping across my screen
Surrounding me with sounds, with the pulse of life,
Among talented tutors, these eloquent books.
Resisting patience, I shape and reshape these symbols, and wait…

For the hushed hopefulness and soft rustle of turned pages,
Altered minds which flow from the dance of letters,
For the anticipated camaraderie of ones
Who declare, “Yes, yes. I understand.”

Swollen and slumped, like Demeter I anticipate,
Birthing a different legacy with strange delight
And whispering gently-
“Remind the world about me when I’m gone”.


Dr. Crystal Hurd is a writer, reader, public school educator, and adjunct professor.  She is happily married with three beautiful Terriers (adopted from local shelters).  She is a certified book nerd who loves to read and research works involving faith, literature, art, and leadership.  You can visit her webpage  www.crystalhurd.com , friend her on Facebook, (Crystal Sullivan Hurd) and follow her on Twitter:  @DoctorHurd and @hurdofficial.


One thought on “On Creating

  1. Bethany R. says:

    No words were wasted here; I lapped this up. Thank you for sparking this idea and committing to the minutes of writing, waiting and refining for the reader’s sake. I am with you in the idea of hoping to impact others for good — through language.

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