So that’s what I meant…

mybookLast Monday came like Christmas. It was a day off (thanks, MLK), like Christmas. And it was cold, like Christmas. And it came with a present: Doug Jackson wrote a piece on his blog about one of the poems from my book, Three Ways of Searching.

This was unlike Christmas, though, in that it was not expected, but like it in that it was … so totally cool. Shiny! I mean, how great is it to have someone take the time and effort to think — and then write — about your words? At the risk of appearing an unprofessional, wet behind the ears novice, I have to confess that this is very new to me. Can you tell?

It is a strange experience for me, having one of my poems explained. It reminded me of my lit crit class back in the day, where we deconstructed the meaning of various works of literature. I didn’t realize my little poem meant all those things. That is ok, though. The words always know more than I do. That’s why I write.

Also, it kind of made me feel, honestly, well… validated. Like I’m a real poet. I know. I know. No one else can give or take away who I am.

But I have nothing to gain by denying this small truth: it made me feel good. So there. And thanks for the Monday-gift, Doug! Merry Christmas to you, too.




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