What color is waiting?

Image via stock.xchng
Image via stock.xchng

by Rebekah Choat

Several weeks ago, a friend and fellow Muse asked me, ‘What color is waiting?’ Without really thinking about it, I answered, “It depends on the kind of waiting.” Then of course, I did have to really think about it. What follows is the latest version.

I didn’t immediately connect it with the season; in fact, it was another friend Muse who encouraged me to share it for Advent. At first I thought I wouldn’t, because I wasn’t sure of the applicability of some lines, but the longer and deeper we press into this waiting time, the more I see that each of the colors is present, in some proportion, in our reflections and hopes and doubts as we walk through these dark days looking for the light.

‘What color is waiting?’ 

the swirling white storm of immobilizing fear

the dead grey despair that deliverance will not come

the studied brown indifference of willful ignorance

the muddy beige suspicion that some things will never change

the drab and dusty dread of the inevitable day

the rusty resignation to lack of recognition

the dull blue ambivalence to come whatever may

the fertile black loam of furrowed fields for new beginnings

the pale pink dawning of a secret dream awaking

the deep purple longing of your dearest heart’s desire

the rich glowing garnet of an ardent hidden hope

the fresh green flourishing of certain expectation

the bright golden glimpse of anticipated glory


Becka Choat is a reader, a writer, a lover of the printed word, dedicated to bringing people books to nourish mind, soul, and spirit. Her website is www.booksbybecka.com.


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