Day 26: The anticipation of thanks



Today I am thankful ahead of time for Thanksgiving. It’s somewhat of a circular thought, but the very idea of a day for giving thanks puts the feeling of thankfulness at the ready. It primes me for gratitude.

Along those lines, I am living in advance the goodness that the day of Thanksgiving brings. I look forward to – and so live them twice – these delights of that annual late November Thursday gathering:

  • The savory aroma of turkey wafting through the house
  • My table set for company – candles, cloth napkins, the works
  • Appetizers – those salty savory sweet nibbly bits before the actual feast, to get the taste buds geared up
  • The fluffy deep orange of butternut squash with a pat of butter melting down in
  • The walk after the meal, brisk air waking my too warm face
  • Pie! (pumpkin if you please, apple would do too)
  • Yahtzee
  • Leftover dark meat with a side of stuffing
  • Some cheesy movie that is appropriate for all ages, bodies collapsed across furniture in tryptophan induced stupors
  • A lingering sense of gentle goodness

What about this holiday do you anticipate with gratefulness?


2 thoughts on “Day 26: The anticipation of thanks

  1. Feet from Shore says:

    I love this post, mostly because I look forward for most of the things you mentioned. Especially the cheesy movie one – what’s better than curling up in the couch with a blanket and surrounded by all your family?

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