Day 25: Staying warm (like a boss)

cat by fire


It’s cold. It’s so cold, I’ve spent the better part of the past four days trying not to be cold. It’s so cold, I had a brain freeze that made me overlook the obvious.

If you want to know how to stay warm, look to the boss: watch a cat. So I did.

Note the picture above. This is Penny Lane the wonder cat. She knows all about getting and staying warm. Here are the top five tips she offers to the chilly:

1. Start a fire. Or, if you don’t have thumbs, have your people start one. Either way, get as close as you can to flames without setting your fur on fire.

2. Find the sun. Penny lies languidly in the sun, imagining a tropical climate. She suggests you do the same.

3. Get low. See how she’s flat against the floor? That’s to reduce the risk of catching a draft.

4. Nap. Since you can’t do much else when lying flat against the floor, you may as well sneak in a few winks.

5. Keep the kettle on. Nothing warms like hot tea. Even the cat knows this.


Warm wishes from chilly New England!



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