Day 24: Three Ways of Searching on Kindle

mybookJust when I thought I had nothing for NaBloPoMo Day 24, I get an email from my publisher letting me know that the Kindle version of Three Ways of Searching is ready.

How stinking fun is that?! This wee print run of my wee book of wee poems finds a way to make a big impact on, well, me – on my expectations, hopes, belief, sense of thanksgiving. How timely.

So, celebrate with me, ok? Tell your poetry-loving friends. Hug a writer. Download your copy today. Or simply say a little, “Woo hoo” on the behalf of striving poets everywhere.

Today is a good day.



“These small delicate poems are deceptively simple, but weighted with meaning and beauty.  This is poetry pared down to its essence, with every excess trimmed away and the result is a collection of brief poignant verses in which each image stays in the mind and speaks to the soul long after the book has been closed.”

~ Rev. Dr. Malcolm Guite, priest, chaplain, teacher, poet, and singer-songwriter at University of Cambridge, England.

“Kelly Belmonte’s poems are spare, sharp, vivid. Like an artist’s charcoal sketch, showing us the world afresh with just a few lines on a white page, these poems balance word and stillness to evoke an open-handed sense of wonder at the world we live in, as human beings with body, mind, and soul… Three Ways of Searching is a collection that I will return to often, and with delight.”

~ Dr. Holly Ordway, Chair, Department of Apologetics, Houston Baptist University


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