Days 16 & 17: The Dog Days of November

Cats create gravity. Dogs disrupt the status quo. Cats and dogs together: creative chaos.

And I should know. Yesterday started out like any other day, with plans to – among other things – write a daily post for NaProWriMo. It didn’t work out as planned. But let me back up a bit…

Our Aussie Fly
Our Aussie Fly

After fourteen playful years, this summer we said goodbye to our beautiful loyal red merle Australian Shepherd “Fly”. We buried her next to her sweetheart BlackJack who had gone before a year earlier. I wept, and mourned Fly’s passing silently (and not so silently in some moments), then declared: “No more dogs. Never again.”

Apparently, “never” in my lexicon is precisely three months, twelve days, five hours, and forty-two minutes. Or thereabouts.

Yesterday, my seven-year-old son Sam and I set out on a mission to do some advance research for Christmas. Yes, our intent was eventually to get Dad a dog for Christmas. But not until Christmas. Not now.

What were we thinking? What was I thinking? You simply cannot walk into an animal shelter, find the dog of your dreams (sweet disposition, calm demeanor, young, healthy, beautiful) and walk out saying, “We’ll wait a few weeks and see if he’s still here.” D’oh.

Hi, I'm Beau.
Hi, I’m Beau.

So… long story short: meet Beau. He’s a one-year-old Golden Lab/Dalmatian mix from Georgia. And he’s the reason why my two old cats are a bit put out with me and probably pouting in some dark corner beneath Sam’s bed.

He is also my excuse for missing my NaPoWriMo post yesterday. Creative chaos reigns.


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