Day 6: LOL (sort of)

Image by Vivek Gupta via stock.xchng
Image by Vivek Gupta via stock.xchng

I have been anti-texting for as long as I can remember. Well, no, that’s not quite right. I haven’t been on a crusade to rid the world of texting. I just haven’t participated.

Until now. Circumstances have prevailed against my passive resistance. Yesterday – [wait for it] – I added unlimited texting to my wireless plan. Yes, yes I did.

As a relative newbie in the texting world, I still find the shorthand amusing. I hope as I get “older and wiser” in the ways of the txt, I don’t get jaded and cynical. I hope “LOL” will still elicit from me a giggle.

Let’s consider the LOL. It means “laughing out loud” in txt language. What gets me about LOL is it looks and sounds funny. Really, try. Say it out loud. Go ahead:

Lol lol lol.

Bet you feel like a weirdo, huh?

Here’s the other thing about LOL that cracks me up. When I write it, honestly, I am rarely laughing *out loud* – that is, I am not laughing in a way that others would hear me and recognize it as a laugh. It’s more like a chuckle. Or an amused sniff. A giggle, maybe. Not a real “HA” from the belly, what I would consider an out loud laugh.

So, I would like to propose a new set of txt shortcuts that more accurately reflect what’s going on in that moment of humorous connection:

  • CYN = Calling you now (because that was so stinking funny and I truly want to laugh out loud with you!)
  • COL = Chuckling out loud
  • HC = Humorous coughing
  • CSIH = Chuckling silently in my head
  • AYKM = Are you kidding me?
  • SAH = Silent acknowledgement of humor (you didn’t quite tickle my funny bone, but I give kudos for the attempt; a reasonable response to most puns)
  • GO = Good one (sort of like the SAH, but less hoity-toity)

I hope none of these already mean something sordid or contextually inappropriate. If they do, DM me.


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