Day 5: About Miss More (or “Why All Nine?”)

“Why All Nine?”  Yeah, I get that occasionally. In an interview with the good, true, and beautiful Lancia Smith last Spring, I fleshed out an answer to that perennial question in a way that satisfies my sense of balance and concision. Let’s leave well enough alone then, shall we? Hence, I share that response with you below.

To read the full interview with Lancia, click here.

Lancia: Why did you choose to title your blog space All Nine Muses and how does that play into the role of being a poet?

Kelly: As I state on my website, the “nine” of All Nine is a reference to the nine sister muses of Greek mythology. These inspirational sisters represent multiple domains of creativity and intelligence, from epic poetry to science. For any vision to move from the inside of one person’s eyelids to the physical world where it can make a positive impact, it takes a collaborative effort across multiple disciplines and an openness to many sources of inspiration. Hence, all nine.

Hannah_MoreI am interested in all sorts of creativity, the creative process, where new ideas come from, what prompts the “ah ha” moment. And I believe in the importance of multiple perspectives and relationship – community – in the context of creativity.  “All Nine” seemed to bring all of that together for me.

I have to give credit to my husband (Kevin Belmonte) for the idea. When I was trying to land on a new name for the site that expressed all of these concepts, Kevin reminded me of the story of Hannah More. More was an English writer and philanthropist in the late 18th- early 19th century and a colleague of the reformer/parliamentarian William Wilberforce. David Garrick, the great Shakespearean actor of the day, had such admiration for More’s multiple talents, he dubbed her “Nine,” signifying that she was the embodiment of all the Muses.

Read more about Hannah More from Kevin’s latest column at


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