NaBloPoMo Day 3: Privacy, Exposure, and Connection

One of the unplanned joys of blogging is the people you meet in the process. I say “unplanned” though, really, writing is all about connection, isn’t it? It’s just that you never know who will connect with you as a result of your words, how, when, or under what circumstances.

 Recently, I had the joy of connecting with Bethany Rohde, first through my posts on Hieropraxis, and then through All Nine, then Facebook. Bethany is a wife, mom, writer, and very thoughtful follower of Christ. She also loves English muffins and reading C.S. Lewis, both of which make her very cool in my book. 

Bethany and I started a virtual conversation about writing, privacy, exposure, utility, and more. With her permission, I share it in part here.

[This post appeared originally in its entirety at Read the rest here.]


I feel like in order to make today’s post “count” for NaBloPoMo, I need to write and post something original today, not just repost something written in the past. So I will simply add to the dialogue originally shared on Hieropraxis the following post-script:

Writing is weird, just like most art I suppose is weird. You’ve got these people called writers, many of whom are fairly private people (and fall frequently toward the I end of the extroversion scale), putting their thought life on display for all to see. True, it’s not all of their thought life. Good writers have good filters, or they have very good editors. And yet, readers know authenticity when they see it. So the filter can’t cover up what is real.

So, writers live with a tension between wanting to build their platforms and get more people to read their stuff and the potential for authentic connection (which can be scary) or simply unintended debate.  As a friend reminded me recently, writing is personal, even when it isn’t. You have strangers “looking at you” – or your words, anyway – and it makes you vulnerable.

That is why, ultimately, writing is such great practice for all that truly matters in life.


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