Midweek Muse: Dealing with Disappointment

This month we’ve been exploring the charged territory of disappointment through the words of W.B. Yeats’ poem “To a Friend Whose Work Has Come to Nothing.” And what is more disappointing than a whole lot of nothing?

Disappointment is literally the failure of an appointment or expectation. Or more simply (and less bleakly) put, it is the unexpected.

But even more, it turns out, disappointment is a tool; one of those utility tools, like a Swiss Army knife. Sometimes a catalyst for action, sometimes a rock that breaks a stony heart, and wait here’s the blunt instrument to bang us on the back of the head and wake us up. And then there’s the handy “nudge” instrument that pushes us into the fellowship of friends that have been there all along and have just waited for that opportunity to empathize.

Recently I had the opportunity to share some of my thinking on the subject at Holly Ordway’s excellent blog Hieropraxis.com. I leave you with one point from this post on how I deal with disappointment, particularly in the context of my writing (which is, for me, full of the unexpected):

Writing is a faith-filled enterprise. If I’m not prepared to cast this present known moment with radical hope into an unknown future, I have no business picking up the pen.

You can read the rest over here: http://www.hieropraxis.com/2013/06/dealing-with-disappointment/

I wish you great courage, peace, and friendship this week as you deal with your own unexpected opportunities to act, break, wake up, and fellowship. Oh, and write. By all means, write about it.


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