NaPoWriMo Days 24 to 27 (plus one)

Day 24: A word inside a word
Within me a bell
keening night’s death knell
at dawn’s rising
Day 25: A very short ballad
What if I were blond
again, she wonders at her
red-haired reflection
Day 26: Erasure
Don’t ask of me
such violence:
it’s not in me
to erase 
another poet’s words
Day 27: A bird in the hand
It was a nice idea
back in the day when
the worst possible fate
was loss
of the known
Day 9: Holmes Noir
I would have hated him
had we ever met 
back there on Baker Street,
mercurial as London fog.
But what a mind.
(reaching way back to catch up on a prompt I had skipped…)

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