Midweek Muse: Spewing out NaPoWriMo

The effort to keep up with the daily NaPoWriMo prompt has me a bit surly and questioning my chops as a poet. I have been known, in the past, to say with no small amount of drama that “I must write daily.” And I suppose that is still true, as I am here now. But the idea of writing another poem – on top of other more pressing demands of “real life” – makes me want to vomit. Sorry, no other way to say it.

Maybe that’s how I know that I am a writer and, by some small measure, a poet. Because even when the mere suggestion of poetic expression makes me literally want to spew, I somehow find it in me to spew out a few more lines. Granted, they may not be my best lines. But the contest is with my poet-self, and I’ve challenged her to finish, not to be great.

Greatness can come later, if ever.


Day 18: Mourning

Mourning dove

Over and over,

same five cries,


second mourning


Day 19: In my closet (a personal ad)

I have no skeletons,

only live bodies



and kicking


Day 20: Random

Elusive the clove,

mercurial as ego

twice played


Day 21: Fortune cookie

If you would only

wear black like the French…

some day


Day 22: Earth Day

red rhubarb unfurls

a slow motion victory:

so unfolds the spring


Day 23: One day (off prompt)

One day I would go

back to that park swing

(the one you walked away from)

and tell my child self

she will be better off


2 thoughts on “Midweek Muse: Spewing out NaPoWriMo

  1. Bethany says:

    Each of these poems has its own charm or truth to tell. The bit in this post that particularly resonated with me was the, “One day (off prompt)” poem.

    And I quite appreciate your line above: “I’ve challenged her to finish, not to be great. Greatness can come later, if ever” (although I thought you did both).

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