Catching up on NaPoWriMo

Day #7: Declaration

I ache to show the world what I see.

Rays of light cross the lapping waves where the mallard sits with his mate.

An empty pack of Pall Malls nests on the roadside among brown papery leaves.

The terrier’s greeting is bigger than his fiercely happy body.

This need to give the world back to itself exhausts me.

Do you see what I see?

In between: A parenthetical statementmiddlepond

Fall Winter Spring

mixed together in a pool

waiting for Summer





Day #10: How I do not love

They do not march, they
crawl quicker than I can squish
them, ants in my house


Day #11: Those days (tanka)

shards of glass glitter
on those broken days, those days
you must fight for joy
and listen to the peepers
singing long for all their lives


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