Midweek Muse: NaPoWriMo

April is NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month), in which those so inclined are challenged to write a poem a day, resulting in thirty poems in thirty days. Check out NaPoWriMo.net for daily prompts. I decided to take up this challenge, since I do this most days anyway. Join me?

Here are my first three attempts for the first three days:


Day 1 – Found PoemIMG_9483

Two roads diverged in a wood

and I stood captivated

by the staccato chirp of my thoughts

until I turned

and returned home


Day 2 – Lies

How memory lies:

This road, a thousand times

before, now seems new


DSC07428Day 3 – Not a Sea Shanty

That nervous tuneless whistle

while looking out

over the drowning lake

you think no one was listening

I heard you


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