Midweek Muse: “Three Ways” meets “Thirty Cups”

coverOn May 24, 2013, my collection of poetry “Three Ways of Searching” (my first “real book” – i.e. properly published by a real publisher) will ship. Now that I have a book to my name, folks are asking me about the process, how it works. As if I know.

I don’t know. I’m still a bit stunned about what happened with Three Ways – my experience is certainly not a field manual for the aspiring author. Read the full story (and the back story) in my latest post at Hieropraxis.com,What I have learned about writing a book.

What I have learned more recently, though, is that its important to keep writing with a view to the next book, even if you have a book about to hit the streets. And that’s where I am today, on that bridge between books. The bulk of the writing for Three Ways of Searching was done well over a year ago, and now my new book, Thirty Cups of Coffee, is enough of the way done to begin offering an excerpt to ready readers.

So, here’s the deal: If you purchase my collection of poetry before March 27 (the date Finishing Line Press will close out pre-orders and determine the print run), I will send you an excerpt from Thirty Cups for your reading pleasure. If you want in on the fun, send me an email at allninemuses@gmail.com saying “Got 3 ways, gimme 30 cups,” and I will respond forthwith. Easy peezy.


Thirty Cups of Coffee is prose, mostly, and memoir, mostly. Here’s a bit of a description from the intro:

This book then is about meeting goals, and about not meeting them. It’s also a book about looking back and starting all over again. More than anything, it’s about counting each moment and making each moment count.

Oh, yes, and it’s about coffee – cups and cups of very strong dark coffee.

p.s. If you’re wondering what it is with me and numbers in names (“Three Ways”, “Thirty Cups”, “All Nine”), the only thing I can say is, they are all divisible by three. And as we all know, three is a magic number.

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