Midweek Muse: Nine Twitter Muses

Image by Stephanie Berghaeuser, courtesy stock.xchng
Image by Stephanie Berghaeuser, courtesy stock.xchng

I mentioned recently in this book announcement (woo hoo!) my gratitude for “the Twitter poets who helped sharpen my attention to detail and appreciation for concision.” Allow me to elaborate…

Back in 2008, I decided it was about time I learned what this Twitter thing was all about, so I signed up. I struggled at first to get a handle on the “noise” of all the tweets about everything and anything. It was madness, until I decided to focus my attention on haiku and haiku only, just for the sake of figuring it out. I followed only haiku poets and tweeted only haiku (or what I thought was haiku). I was skeptical at first and truly only in it to learn about Twitter. But before long it became an ongoing poetry workshop filled with encouraging master poets as well as beginners, scribblers, readers, a few trolls, and a lot of fun.

Over the years, a few of the Twitter poets have stood out for the consistent quality of their haiku, tanka, and other forms, as well as the generosity of their engagement with those like me who are still learning. Today I want to highlight nine of these artists (since this is, after all, All Nine!). If you’re looking to immerse yourself in short form poetry, you could do worse than follow these fine folks:

And while you’re tweeting your art, give me a holler over here: @haikunut.


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