How to Measure Outcomes in Writing

Image by kliverap via stock.xchng
Image by kliverap via stock.xchng

In my latest post for Holly Ordway’s, I consider the question of outcomes. How can I know my writing is making a difference? What kind of difference am I trying to make? I’m a little fuzzy on long-term outcomes for writing. I stumble into this “what’s the point” mentality, going down a slippery slope of blog traffic counting and revenue generating indicators that leave me numb.

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And let me know how you measure success as a writer. I would really like to know.

2 thoughts on “How to Measure Outcomes in Writing

  1. newfieldsnh says:

    I like to think about results and outcomes as two different phenomena – and I relate to them as being different. A result is when I throw a rock and it lands in the middle of the pond where I intended to land – the outcome is the ripples that show up when the rock hits the water. Outcomes are what show up when I produce a result – and there are intended and unintended outcomes. Often an outcome is how I want to make a difference for others or myself. The outcome doesn’t change, but I do work on causing the appropriate set of results to arrive at the outcomes I want – so the actions that led to the result or results are therefore changing when they are not producing the desired outcomes.

    Thanks for making me think about this!

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