Midweek Muse: The gift of thanks

Yes, it’s that time of year: the season of gratitude. Thanksgiving. The giving of thankfulness…how interesting, isn’t it, that the very word – Thanksgiving – is a paradox? The best present we can give to another is not a present at all, not in the usual sense of the word. No, the best present is the thanks given for a gift received. To say it, write it, paint it, sing it – however it’s done, gratitude is the driving force of a generous life.

In that spirit, this is my go at gratitude, on this 14th day of November, the month we all realize we’re months (if not years) behind on saying the two most grace-filled words in the English language: “Thank you.” Here are fourteen catch up thank you’s, one for each day of the month so far:

  1. To my husband, for the down-payment on my Mini Cooper (and practically taking me at gun point to make the purchase), the most awesome car I have ever driven. I know, that was two years ago. Better late than never?
  2. To my son, for asking me about my day and really wanting to know.
  3. For friends who trust our friendship so much that they can tell me when I’ve annoyed them (you know who you are).
  4. To my mother-in-law, for the cookbooks you left for me on the kitchen table yesterday.
  5. To my mom, for all the coupons, cartoons, and newspaper articles you’ve clipped and sent me in the mail over the years.
  6. For neighbors who keep their yards looking like estates.
  7. To Lucy the cat, for warming my lap.
  8. To the All Nine muses – Andrew, Becka, Crystal, and Holly – for continuing to delight and dazzle me with your talent.
  9. To Michelle, for knowing me so well and sending me jokes and embarrassing stories to make me laugh when I was sad. It worked!
  10. To Julie, for sharing an office for over a year and not ever seeming to mind my periodic meltdowns.
  11. For a boss who says, “You’ve done enough. Shut off the computer now.”
  12. To my very large extended Griswold clan, for your love of food and family (not necessarily in that order…).
  13. To the good folks at 12most.com, for letting me play with the big kids.
  14. To you, whoever you are, for reading this now. Every writer needs a reader.


Thank you.

(Now it’s your turn. Who gets your gratitude today?)


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