Waiting on the Rain

“It takes great faith to open oneself to this purifying fire—to believe that it is the power of love.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle


In my recent offering at Hieropraxis (regular muse Holly Ordway’s marvelous website), I shared some pre-Sandy reflections on the nature of risk in nature as well as creativity, and how to prepare for those storms that can and do come.

Here’s a little sampling:

“So much of work and creativity (which is work) is in preparation for and reaction to the great storms. People get paid to keep us safe, to prepare us for the worst, to fix us up when we don’t heed their warnings and get bonked on the head by a flying branch. I give double thanks for them today. And I give thanks as well for the risks we are able to take, creatively, because of the safe structure of discipline, practice, and preparation.”

Please check out the full piece here: Waiting on the Rain.


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